Exercise is a big part of physiotherapy and will play a big role in the effectiveness of your treatments. Strength and conditioning, in particular, can help patients prepare for their activities, and this applies to everyone regardless of their situation. Whether you’re an advanced marathon runner or a stay-at-home parent, strength and conditioning exercises will help you complete your activities more easily and comfortably.

These types of exercises will help you better adapt to certain situations and will allow your body to meet imposed demands. Understanding what is required from an activity is very important as the physiotherapist will prescribe exercises accordingly so that the patient achieves their desired outcome. Together, the patient and physiotherapist will analyze the patients’ needs and will determine which aspects need to be improved. The strength and conditioning exercises that are prescribed will be specific to the activity the patient is struggling with and will help them perform that activity successfully and pain-free.

It’s important that you discuss your desires and lack of capabilities or struggles with your physiotherapist because they will help you perform better and will base their treatment on the specific activity you are interested in. Once they have this information, they will be able to target the problem and will recommend the right exercises accordingly. A physiotherapist will consider different aspects, including the direction of movement, amplitude, amount of effort that is required, force development and muscular work, just to name a few examples. They will apply strength and conditioning principles to their treatment because it will allow them to better understand the activity or sport the patient is trying to complete and will help them with all of their goals.

There is a lot more to training than just completing a few moves, and physiotherapy will help you prepare in all of the necessary areas as opposed to focusing on just one aspect. This will allow you to be more successful, and you will see a significant improvement in your performance because pain will no longer be part of the equation. Strength and conditioning coaches and physiotherapists can work together to create effective plans because this is the only way a patient can return to their training routine. The knowledge from both of these backgrounds will allow a patient to recover fully so that they can get back to their activities and this applies to both athletes and those completing simple workouts.

Everyone can benefit from the combination of physio and strength and conditioning practices because when these two elements come together, better results will be achieved, and the patient will feel better in a shorter amount of time.

At Core Physical Care, we offer in-home physiotherapy. We specialize in all of these areas and work with our clients so that they can experience the best results. If you’re ready for a positive change and are in the Toronto area, contact our clinic today!