Aquatic Therapy

The aquatic therapy program at Core Physical Care provides comprehensive rehabilitative care to patients in a pool. Aquatic therapy may be prescribed by your CPC physiotherapist as part of your treatment plan. We also welcome clients specifically seeking aquatic therapy.

If you don’t have access to a pool at your home or condo, we can meet at a nearby community pool and take you through your treatments there. We bring all the necessary equipment along with us.


$120.00 – 1 hr initial assessment/treatment with your Therapist
$110.00 – 60 minute follow-up treatment
$90.00 – 45 minute follow-up treatment


Your Assessment & Treatment Plan

If you are specifically seeking out aquatic therapy, at your first session, your physiotherapist will assess, diagnose, develop a treatment plan to address your specific needs, and take you through your first aquatic therapy session.

(If you have come to us for general physiotherapy and we have prescribed aquatic therapy for you as part of your treatment plan, there will be no assessment at your first aqua therapy session as it will already be complete).



Aquatic therapy does not require a referral from a doctor. We also offer direct billing to your insurance company, if this is an option for you. For more information about aquatic therapy, or to book a consultation or get started with treatment, please feel free to reach out at any time.