Active Therapy

While we believe movement and exercise are the best medicine, a proper and well balanced diet alongside with individualized active therapy sessions are an effective combination to shed the extra weight that is overloading your joints, ligaments, and bones.

For more information about our wellness and weight management program, or to book a consultation or get started with treatment, please feel free to reach out at any time.


$120.00 – 1 hr initial assessment/treatment with your therapist
$110.00 – 60 minute follow-up treatment
$90.00 – 45 minute follow-up treatment

Active Therapy Toronto
Active therapy is an essential aspect of physical therapy treatment that focuses on the active participation of patients to help address a variety of conditions, including joint, ligament, and bone issues. In addition to promoting weight loss and overall wellness, active therapy has numerous benefits, including improved muscle strength, increased flexibility, and enhanced endurance. It can also help with pain management and reduce the risk of future injuries. At our clinic, we customize each active therapy session to meet the unique needs of our patients, incorporating exercises that are safe and effective for their individual conditions. In some cases, other modalities, such as therapeutic modalities, may be contraindicated for certain patients, such as those undergoing cancer treatment. In these situations, active therapy is even more important and becomes a primary focus of treatment. Active therapy can help cancer patients maintain their physical function and prevent or reduce symptoms related to cancer or its treatment, such as fatigue, pain, and loss of range of motion. It can also improve their overall quality of life by promoting a sense of well-being and helping them to cope with the physical and emotional challenges of cancer. Our team of physical therapists is highly experienced in working with cancer patients and can develop an individualized active therapy plan to help you achieve your goals and improve your health. Contact us today to learn more.