Weight Management

Weight Management


Are you tired of chasing fitness trends that don’t work for you? At Core Physical Care, we understand that reaching and maintaining a healthy weight is crucial for your physical and mental well-being.

Many people reach for quick remedies to get them to their weight loss goals faster, only to find that the lifestyle is unsustainable and any attained results are merely temporary. But with Core Physical Care, you can reach your best weight healthily and sustainably.

No more yo-yo dieting or unrealistic workout regimens! Our health experts will provide you with one-on-one support to build long-term, life-changing skills and habits so that you can see steady progress and improve your overall health.

Weight Management

What Are Some Tips To Keep A Healthy Weight?

Exercise regularly– Studies have shown that people with active lifestyles are more likely to maintain a healthy weight than those who are sedentary. Exercise does not have to be anything drastic. Find a way to move your body every day, even if it’s just going for a walk, and build the habit of exercise slowly with short-term goals.
Stay hydrated– Drink plenty of water and stay away from beverages with high sugar or sweetener content.
Eat mindfully– Many of us watch tv or scroll on our phones while eating, but they are distractions from our body’s signals and often cause us to overeat. Instead, try to be present and focus on your meals so that you can be more aware of your body’s cues.
Make small changes– Turning your lifestyle upside down in one day can be too overwhelming and impossible to maintain. Take it one step at a time and incorporate a new change only after you’ve mastered the previous one.

For those interested in only the exercise component of our individual conditioning program, we will assess you and provide a recommended workout plan (similar to our treatment plan for physiotherapy). Exercise may also be included as part of an overall physiotherapy treatment plan.


$120.00 – 1 hr initial assessment/treatment with your Therapist
$110.00 – 60 minute follow-up treatment
$90.00 – 45 minute follow-up treatment

Weight Management Toronto

When you book personal training through us, in addition to the benefits of integrating the plan with other treatments you may be receiving through CPC, we are also able to bill your insurance company (directly, if the option exists for you) for this service. Please contact us for more information.