Physiotherapy is a healing method focused on improving mobility and strength and to relieving pain and restoring physical function. It is beneficial for a wide-range of illnesses and injury from back and neck pain to knee pain, ligament issues, Parkinson’s, cerebral palsy and more.

Traditionally, physiotherapy has been done in a clinical setting – but it’s entirely possible to deliver a full treatment experience on-location, which is exactly what we offer you through our mobile physiotherapy service, anywhere in Toronto.


$120.00 – 1 hr initial assessment/treatment with your Physiotherapist
$110.00 – 60 minute follow-up treatment
$90.00 – 45 minute follow-up treatment


Why Mobile?
If you’re dealing with chronic illness or an acute injury – or are simply really busy – getting to a clinic can be a barrier to treatment. Others are simply most comfortable at home. Whatever your reason, in-home treatments eliminate the hassle, travel time, and inconvenience of traveling to a clinic.
Our Areas of Focus
While we welcome clients with a wide range of concerns, our primary focus is on injury rehabilitation and patients with chronic illness.
Your Assessment & Treatment Plan
On our first visit, our physiotherapists will assess, diagnose, develop a treatment plan to address your specific needs and (unless you prefer otherwise) perform your first treatment. Your plan will include treatment frequency and the type(s) of therapy/ies (such as manual, exercise, ultrasound, etc.).
There is a huge variation in terms of treatment plan length. Our goal is always to increase your mobility and reduce/eliminate your pain or discomfort in as short a timeframe as possible. That said, most situations require at least six to eight weeks to realize significant change.
We use the latest evidence-based practices that support ‘active therapy’ (you moving your body with our guidance, instruction, and support) over ‘passive therapy’ (us performing treatments ON you), although we do use passive therapies (like ultrasounds and laser treatments, etc.) where necessary and appropriate.
Physiotherapy is considered primary care and therefore does not require a referral. We also offer direct billing to your insurance company if this is an option for you.

For more information about on-location physiotherapy, to book a consultation, or to get started with treatment, please feel free to reach out at any time.

Loyalty Packages


Description Unit Fee Package Total Fee
Package of 6 sessions Physiotherapy 45min (10% OFF) $81 $486
Package of 12 sessions Physiotherapy 45min (15% OFF) $76 $918
Package of 6 sessions Physiotherapy 60min (10% OFF) $99 $594
Package of 12 sessions Physiotherapy 60min (15% OFF) $93.5 $1122
Daily Special Rate Physiotherapy sessions 45min (Package of 10) $65 $650
4 X 45min Physiotherapy for 1 month (Start Up Package) $80 $320