In-Home Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a healing method focused on improving mobility and strength and to relieving pain and restoring physical function. It is beneficial for a wide-range of illnesses and injury from back and neck pain to knee pain, ligament issues, Parkinson’s, cerebral palsy and more.

In-Home Massage Therapy

Massage therapy involves applying deep pressure on either the whole body or a concentrated area of tension and pain. Our massage therapists are fully equipped to provide targeted massage as part of your treatments.

Aquatic Therapy

The aquatic therapy program at Core Physical Care provides comprehensive rehabilitative care to patients in a pool. Aquatic therapy may be prescribed by your CPC physiotherapist as part of your treatment plan.


Acupuncture is a holistic treatment wherein thin needles are inserted at specific points of the body. This form of therapy has roots in traditional Chinese medicine and operates based on the belief that issues within the body are caused by an energy imbalance within it.

Individual Conditioning

For those interested in only the exercises component of our individual conditioning program, we will assess you and provide a recommended workout plan (similar to our treatment plan for physiotherapy).

Active Therapy

While we believe movement and exercise are the best medicine, a proper and well-balanced diet alongside individualized active therapy sessions are an effective combination to shed the extra weight that is overloading your joints, ligaments, and bones.

Wellness & Weight Management

Exercise and weight management are huge pieces of the health and wellness puzzle, so we have partnered with Toronto’s leading team of in-home personal trainers at Nielsen Fitness to bring you our Individual Conditioning and weight management program.

Physiotherapy Soft Tissue

At Core Physical Care, we help treat a number of different conditions through physiotherapy, and our goal is to eliminate discomfort and pain. One of our more popular treatments is a physiotherapy soft tissue release, which focuses on the release of soft tissues and mobilization.

Chiropractor Service

We offer chiropractic services to clients in the Scarborough, Guelph, and Innisfil areas, and our team will customize your treatments to ensure you see results.   

Sports Injury Physiotherapy

Curious about sports injury physiotherapy in Toronto and how it can help you? Let’s explore the world of sports injury rehabilitation.