What are the reasons that push us to opt for home physiotherapy service at home in Mississauga? What advantages can come from the fact that it is the professional who comes to visit us at home? At Core Physical Care, as experts in home physiotherapy services, we give you the keys.

Home physiotherapy can be exceptional due to its convenience and personalized approach. It allows patients to receive therapy in the comfort of their own homes, eliminating the need for travel. Additionally, home physiotherapy service allows for individualized care tailored to the specific needs and environment of the patient.

Benefits of opting for physical therapy at home

Ideal for seniors: Especially if they suffer from disorientation, Alzheimer’s or dementia, where being in their environment is the best for their condition, also when we talk about reduced mobility.

No more commuting: When it’s quite difficult to move around due to the injury suffered, because the patient has to be accompanied and use public transport or someone to take them, home physiotherapy becomes the best option.

Perfect when you have vertigo: Everyone knows that vertigo and dizziness are difficult to bear and, therefore, having a professional come to the home to prevent the person who suffers from having to move is a great idea.

You choose the day and time: If there is something good about physiotherapy at home, it is that it is the person himself who decides when it is best for the professional to come to his home.

When it becomes necessary?

Rehabilitation at home can be an alternative for different scenarios. Among the reasons that motivate patients to demand this type of physiotherapy are the following –

  • You have injuries such as neck pain, back pain, joint pain, foot and leg pain, or sports injuries.
  • Older adults with mobility problems that prevent them from going to the physiotherapy clinic.
  • When you need postoperative physiotherapy at home.
  • As a result of an injury that prevents you from leaving home.
  • It can be an option if you have very little time available and, therefore, you prefer this service.
  • Sometimes, it is an alternative for tourists who come to Toronto, Ontario and, as a result of long hours of travel, request a visit from a physiotherapist at their lodging center.

Highly personalized recovery plan

A major benefit of home physiotherapy is that it is an opportunity to receive tools to help you in your recovery process. When the physical therapist visits your home, they are much more likely to make additional recommendations and modifications based on your current home, which translates into better opportunities to encourage your recovery.

Naturally, physical therapy at home implies an investment in your recovery, however, when an injury is not treated in time, it opens the way to much more serious complications that, if not treated correctly, could turn into surgery.

Investing in a home rehabilitation program is much cheaper than all the consequences of not doing it. If you are already feeling discomfort and you do not see it as feasible to go to a physiotherapy clinic, perhaps it is a good idea to turn to this option to recover.

Why hire Core Physical Care home physio service?

Our experts are accredited physiotherapists with experience to carry out this work. In this way, the service will always be of quality. Besides treating the person at home, the physiotherapy professional will assess the general condition of the person and their home, in order to avoid risks and accidents, such as removing carpets to save falls.

We have a wide range of specialists to assist your condition. In the event of any unforeseen event, we will respond quickly and efficiently. If you‘re looking for reliable and affordable home physiotherapy in Mississauga, get in touch with us right away!