We all know the benefits offered by physiotherapy – an alternative treatment that is painless. We visit a nearby physiotherapy clinic, consult with a professional, and start the physio sessions. Have you ever thought about being attended by a physiotherapist at your home, without having to take long queues or face obstacles on your way? In-home physiotherapy in Toronto is an alternative that has been standing out in the market and bringing many benefits to the quality of life of the patient and his family as well.

Physiotherapy in-home care

Each person needs unique and personalized attention. Therefore, it is quite necessary to analyze the patient’s clinical context to better adapt to the needs. The purpose of in-home physiotherapy in Toronto is precisely to restore health, reduce costs and offer more humanized care.

Being at home does not mean that the patient does not require specific care. A good example of this is bedridden people who need physiotherapeutic follow-up to prevent limb atrophy. Patients who have had a stroke or paralysis often need to be assisted by a type of treatment focused on restoring basic body movements.

In-home physiotherapy in Toronto presents surprising and satisfactory results in terms of recovery from injuries and muscle strengthening. This occurs due to the sum of several factors, such as being close to the family and feeling welcomed and safe, the patient can respond better to rehabilitation procedures.

We’ve listed 5 benefits of in-home physiotherapy in Toronto that brings to you!

1.     Convenience and hospitality

The patient who is cared for at home knows that he is in a known and safe place. It saves time, as he doesn’t have to leave early to get to the clinic on time, and he can get back to his regular activities more quickly. Besides, he avoids external concerns about having to move to another place.

2.     Personalized treatment

Although it is possible to have personalized treatment in the physiotherapy clinic, the relationship between the patient and the professional in the residence is even greater, thus increasing the efficiency of the recovery process. By being at home, the patient feels more comfortable asking questions and doing the exercises. The in-home physiotherapy specialist in Toronto can follow the progress and difficulties presented in the sessions.

3.     Risk reduction

The difficulties to move or get around are one of the main reasons that lead the patient and the family to opt for in-home physiotherapy in Toronto. Since it is possible to avoid the movements, it is possible to reduce the risk of falling or other obstacles that may happen on the way. It also directly influences the reduction of possible hospital infections. The chance of being affected by an infectious agent is much lower.

4.     Flexibility of schedules

Another benefit that in-home physiotherapy in Toronto provides is linked to the issue of schedules. Often, the patient cannot schedule the best day to go to the clinic or simply has other demands that consume a certain amount of time. With home care, you choose the best time and the professional will come to you. 

5.     Family support

It is not always possible to take one or more companions to a physiotherapy session at clinics, but at home, this scenario changes completely. The patient (as he reduces the risk of constant hospitalizations) improves his quality of life and psychosocial state, helping his rehabilitation process. And the family finds tranquility and satisfaction since the service is individual and more humanized.

The best in-home physiotherapy for you

We are not always available to travel to a physiotherapy clinic due to various personal reasons, such as transportation, limitations in physical condition, or even availability of time.

Here at Core Physical Care, you have complete freedom. We have always tried to improve customer satisfaction. You can schedule an in-home physiotherapy appointment in Toronto in a practical and intuitive way, choosing the specialty that best fits your demand.

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