Practicing sports is important to maintain good health since it not only helps prevent overweight, hypertension and diabetes, but also reduces stress and improves mood. There’re various types of sports and they’ve numerous benefits. However, it must be taken into account that sports can eventually cause injuries.

Sports injuries are very common & the sports injury physiotherapy techniques & practices of a physical therapist in Toronto can be very helpful in treating a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions. People with sports injuries often opt to get the best result.

  • What is sports physiotherapy?
  • How can it help you if you are an athlete?
  • What qualities should a sports physiotherapist have?

What exactly is sports injury physiotherapy?

Sports injury physiotherapy is defined as the specialty that deals with the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of injuries resulting from the practice of sport and exercise at all ages and levels of ability. These injuries can be an ankle sprain, tendon strain, shin splint, tennis elbow or knee injury, and many others. Professional sports physiotherapists work in a variety of settings. It’s important to highlight that sports injuries differ from everyday injuries.

What are the benefits of sports physiotherapy?

Anyone who participates in sports, at any level, can benefit from sports injury physiotherapy, even patients who do not have an injury can do so thanks to the expert advice to prevent future injuries and to improve mobility and performance.

A professional sports physiotherapist can also intervene in your recovery by looking for the safest way to continue practicing sports. Among the benefits of sports physiotherapy is the immediate relief of pain through treatment.

A sports injury cannot always be prevented and, unfortunately, many athletes are injured. Drawing on their vast knowledge of training and experience, physical therapists can help achieve faster recovery and improve healing time by providing specific exercises and treatments.

Another of the benefits of sports physiotherapy is that it can design specific and personalized training plans for the athlete’s areas of weakness, besides adjusting the limitations of injuries. Plus, sports injury physiotherapy can help build proper strength.

Some techniques & treatments

When treating a sports injury, we have to take into account that the rehabilitation process has several steps to follow. To begin, the sports injury physiotherapy expert will prominently review the athlete’s injury or concern using various tools and assessments. It is important that, once the injury is confirmed, the physiotherapist draws up a rehabilitation plan together with the athlete.

Most of the time, the treatment consists of several appointments a week for several months, although it must be taken into account that each treatment is individualized according to the needs of the patient and can include several methods. Among the most outstanding treatments is manual therapy – massages, mobilization, manipulation or pumping, osteopathy, etc. Another very common technique is dry needling, especially for the treatment of Myofascial pain at trigger points.

Manual lymphatic drainage is also a widely used technique, which helps to relieve fluid retention. On the other hand, there is the Kinesio tape, which has a multitude of very beneficial functions for the treatment of injuries.

The next step is to improve the performance

The goal is not only to make you a better athlete but also to develop the weaker areas of your body in order to prevent future injuries. Specifically, this sports injury physiotherapy treatment plan is designed to focus on the sport that he plays and his current condition. It is very important to comment that the physiotherapist must be specialized and have the necessary knowledge to carry them out with the greatest safety for the patient.

What functions does the sports physiotherapist have?

Sports physical therapists at Core Physical Care help athletes recover from sports injuries, but they can also treat joint-related or head injuries, such as concussions. They can also offer other services, such as providing advice on safe participation and promoting an active lifestyle to improve & maintain quality of life.

They can also perform exercises to improve the athlete’s stability and tailor rehabilitation and treatment interventions. Likewise, the expert performs sports massage therapies to speed up recovery after exercise or helps the patient mentally prepare for sports activities. A good sports physiotherapist must be patient, persistent, and have a high level of competence.

If you are injured or have an existing sports-related injury, feel free to get in touch with us at Core Physical Care. Get the finest sports injury physiotherapy treatment in Toronto.