Precaution! Acupuncture to the rescue.

We often believe that we are experts at handling all our problems by ourselves, but often forget that we are the ones creating the problems. Realistically, having a well maintained diet and workout regime isn’t the answer to an injury free body. We are so imperfect at making sure nothing affects our body, but we seem to forget that the human body is a very critical but a fragile design. Our body has different organs and functions to protect one another, but it is so fragile that little things that we do on a daily basis is probably one of the most dangerous things we could be doing to injure our body. Like a car accident, yes it’s obvious that accidents can cause a trauma to our body. It has the possibility of disabling us for ever or temporarily, therefore when people drive, we do our utmost best to make sure everyone is safe. Therefore, we have many laws and regulations to maintain public safety, but why is it that sometimes when our body starts to react badly or is in pain, we can’t help but wonder what is wrong. There are so many things that we do that we don’t know about, but our body needs us to stop or decrease certain habits that we have that can relax our tensed parts.

Is chewing gum really fun?

Like chewing gum is such a normal and a hygienic thing to do. We chew gum to maintain fresh breath, suppress our appetite and also to have something in our mouth to chew on because its cool right? But honestly, we don’t realize the damage it does to our jaw. I am sure not a lot are aware of the TMJ and the TMD. These are the problems that occur from chewing way too much gum for a very long time. Our skull is attached to the temporomandibular joint, which is a hinge that connects our jaw to the temporal bones in our skull. This is the joint that allows us to move our jaw, so imagine this, the door to your room is attached to the hinge that connects the door to your wall. So overtime when the hinge wears out, our door tends to creak when we open or close the door. Why does this happen? Because the hinge is rusting and we need to add oil to it to prevent the tension it’s creating between the door and the wall. Similarly, our jaw needs to be taken care of because chewing so much gum cause trauma to our TMD joints which affect the movement of our mouth. The excess chewing creates a tension to our jaw that can develop side effects in the future, such as difficult to open or chew with your mouth. Excessive popping and clicking of the jaw, as well as triggering headaches that can lead facial pain.

Migraines are not anyone’s best friend

Migraines are not a joke, they are one of the most painful sensation a person can experience, these headaches are highly intensified pressures felt in the head. Some may not know why this happens to them, but there sometimes our eyes could be the reason as to why our head hurts. On a regular basis, almost 2.32 billion people own smart devices that they use on a daily basis (Number of smartphone users worldwide). of the world’s population could be a reason that is linked to our eyes and what we do to our eyes on a regular basis. This is an interesting data, because it shows the possible damages those people may be experiencing now or will soon face in the future. Why do I say that? Well, firstly everyone is addicted to their smart devices, the social media frenzy, the easy access to work related businesses, whether it’s for school or work, the fact that the smart devices are so technically advanced in 2017, we became depended on all its features. We even have smart cars for crying out loud. Although the excitement to own a smart device is very hyped up, we seem to forget the consequences it has on our bodies. We seem to forget that our eyes are one of the most important and fragile organs to ever exist in our bodies, one wrong injury can lead to a lifetime worth of darkness. Yet people are still unaware of the effect a smart device has on our eyes. Why is it bad? According to Dr. Celia Sánchez-Ramos, our eyes were designed to see with the lights, they were never meant to directly see in the light (LED Lights May Damage Eyes, Researcher Says).. Maybe that is why our parents and teachers used to tell us to never look directly into the sun because we can go blind. We all thought it was just a myth, but it’s true. Lights that emit from the sun, or the LED lights that emit from the screens of our smart devices, such as phones television or even our laptop can injure the retinas. These lights radiate high voltage of ultraviolet radiation, which is considered hazardous to our eyes.

Cosmetic line isn’t so beautifying

Did you know makeup can also trigger headaches? especially eye makeup such as mascara and heavy eyeliner. Makeup is one of the most sought out cosmetic products developed to enhance the looks of people. Almost everyone is increasingly getting involved in wearing makeup every day because of all the social influence “makeup” has received. Every influential public figure is promoting their own line which catches the attention of almost everyone who has access to social media. Although it may sound strange to believe, but wearing eye makeup can also be the reason as to why your migraines happen almost every day. Why its effecting the head when all you do is enhance your eyes to make them look pretty. The reason why eye make up can be dangerous to the eyes is because of the chemicals that are found in it are getting passed into our eyes as well as our bloodstream. The parabens, which are included to make the product last longer, can trigger headaches because they are known to disturb the hormonal cycle of a woman which can lead to migraines. Another chemical is Propylene Glycol. This chemical is risky for the nervous system because the purpose of this chemical to make sure the makeup product does melt or freeze. Also, fragrances are known to be hazardous for migraine patients because the heavy chemicals that are in the fragrance mess with the senses and cause people to react with headaches. Fragrances have also shown to be hazardous for people who are trying to conceive. In a recent study, it has shown that fragrances that have Phthalates can develop a DNA damage in a man. Men who were tested with this chemical on were found to have had abnormal sperm because this chemical acts like a man-made estrogen which damages their reproductive system.

 So what can be done?

At the core physical care, we have highly trained specialist who are trained to focus on kinds of complications. At Core Physical Care (CPC), it is important for us to deliver the much-needed to care and undivided attention to each of our clients. Like mentioned above, complications do not just originate from serious accidents or life threatening conditions. Little things on our daily activities can put you at a disadvantage, which is very discouraging to allow one person to go on with their lives. Which is why the specialist here will examine the complications you may show and further guide you through the healing process to get you back on track. We offer acupuncture, which is helpful for all kinds of concerns especially for cases like TMD or TMJ (jaw pain), Migraines, Fertility problems.

Why is Acupuncture good?

Acupuncture is a practice that originated from traditional Chinese medicine. This therapy focuses on inserting hair-thin needles into certain parts of the body to relieve pressure that disrupts the balance of the body. The acupuncture focuses on the Meridian system, also known as the “qi” which is believed to be he path which hold the energy that is transmitted through the passages to balance the body. So one path is blocked than its believed, that the thin needles will relieve the blockage of both sides.

Why is it good for jaw problems?

It is excellent for it Temporomandibular disorders because acupuncture focuses on the root of the problem. TMD only occurs when there is a lot of tension and stress applied to jaw, so when the specialist focuses on curing the root problem, automatically it should begin to reduce the jaw pain you have been experiencing. Since exercising the jaw isn’t really beneficial, therefore when the needles are injected into the pressure points as well as inflammation points of the jaw. The needles release the pressure trapped in the muscles to disperse from one point. When this treatment occurs, in most cases, the specialist will insert needles around the ear and jaw. In some cases, people experience jaw spasms. Jaw spams are the clicking and popping sound of the jaw, which can also be treated by acupuncture because the needle is designed to insert into the pressure point and relax the jaw from clicking because it will inject into the lateral pterygoid muscles to help relax it.

Why is it good for fertility complications in men?

According to research, we have discovered that fragrances can damage the quality of a man`s sperm count. Which leads to infertility, but at core physical care, the acupuncture treatments can help with infertility in men and women. According to research, five weeks of acupuncture can help restore the quality of the sperm because it restores motility and normal sperm. The needles are usually injected into the arms, legs as well as the lower abdomen, which as a result increases the blood flow to the testicular artery and cooling the scrotum. This is helpful to the body and the reproduction system because this treatment has the ability to regulate the nutrients going into your reproductive organs as well as removing waste to make sure the sperm is mature.

Why is it good for migraines?

It is ideally really good for headaches of all kinds, because the needles injected allows the blood to flow into the tissues to increase into the small vessels near the head, it ideally creates a soothing sensation to help relieve the tension your nerves have been feelings. Since migraines occur when the blood doesn’t transmit fairly into the small blood vessel of the head, and does circulate in that specific area. The acupuncture needles help activate the circulation to release endorphins, which is a natural pain-killer discovered in our bodies. The treatment also blocks pain messages which can help a person ignore the pain or not even feel it.


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