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Ismail Abdelkader

Registered Physiotherapist, Aquatic Therapist and Personal Trainer

The Core Physical Care team is led by Ismail Abdelkader, a physiotherapist with almost a decade of experience working in Canada and the middle east. He received his Bachelor of Physical Therapy from Cairo University in Egypt and went on to become the senior physiotherapist at the biggest hospital in the middle east (Qasr El Eyni), before moving to Canada in 2012.

Here he attended the University of Toronto and became certified to practice in Canada through its Ontario Internationally Educated Physiotherapy Bridging Program. He is also certified in aqua therapy through the Canadian Aquatic Rehab Institute.

Ismail has always had a deep interest in the human body, and a passion for helping people increase their wellness and live their best life. He launched Core Physical Care in an effort to make treatments as accessible and convenient as possible for Torontonians.



Tenzin Rabyang

Registered Physiotherapist

Tenzin is a physiotherapist who specializes in treating orthopedic and neurological conditions with exercise programs and soft tissue manual work. He speaks – and can work with clients in – English, Hindi and Nepali fluently. When not working with clients, he enjoys early morning runs and plays a variety of sports.


Cynthia Head

Certified Senor’s Fitness Instructor

Cynthia is a fitness specialist who works with older adults and women over 50. She is trained in various techniques and approaches including Heart Wise Exercise, Slap Tap and Clap, Seniors Yogafit, Bonefit, Arthritis Exercise, and Smartcore. When not working with clients, she enjoys inline skating, cycling, running and most forms of strength training.


Fabio Carnevale

Resident Physiotherapist & Aquatic Therapist

Fabio is a physio and aquatic therapist who specializes in hydrotherapy rehabilitation, manual therapy, sports injuries, postural disorders, post-surgery rehab, and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation. He enjoys the challenge of treating both acute and chronic conditions, and is passionate about empowering my patients to learn plenty of self-management tips and techniques. When not working with clients, he enjoys playing competitive table tennis and going length swimming.


Ela Shefer

Registered Massage Therapist

Ela is passionate about the healing power of massage. She is highly skilled in medical rehabilitation massage with a specialization in soft tissue injuries, skeletal and orthopedic conditions. She also has excellent knowledge of Swedish massage, sport massage, deep tissue massage, cupping massage, relaxation massage, and more. When not working with clients, she enjoys watching comedy movies, dramatic TV-shows and spending time with her family.



Registered Massage Therapist

Moustafa Hassan

Neda Javid

Physiotherapy Assistant

Neda is currently enrolled in third year at York University studying Kinesiology and Health Science. He likes to learn new things everyday and enjoy applying knowledge to different aspects of life. By working with clients, he looks forward to teaching them strategies to better their physical health and also look forward to learning something new from them. Neda is always looking forward to working and meeting with all kinds of people. When not working with clients, he enjoys catching up in school work to maintain his high GPA.